Study visit to Hedmark/Värmland.

  • Posted on: 23 June 2017
  • By: Manager

Study visit to Hedmark/Värmland. Cross-border labor market and combating youth unemployment.

A study trip to Norway and Sweden dedicated to the cross-border labor market and combating youth unemployment took place from 27th to 29th of March.

Representatives from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Kaliningrad, Vyborg, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and the Republic of Karelia took part in the trip.

A Norwegian evening was organized for the participants and partners of the project in the city of Hamar, which is the administrative center of Hedmark province on the first day of the study tour. The guests were greeted by the governor of Hedmark and he wished everyone fruitful work.

The group went from Hamar to Morokulien, where the information center on the Swedish-Norwegian border is located. Representatives of the information center spoke about cross-border opportunities aimed at the integration of Norwegian and Swedish businesses and the labor market.

The performances of representatives of the Norwegian Social Service (NAV) and the Swedish Employment Center were of great interest. They shared their experience of working with youth unemployment. Non-working young people receive high unemployment benefits and this leads to a lack of motivation from young people's side in some cases. They stressed that one of the main reasons why young people are unemployed is also lack of mobility.

The participants of the study trip went to Karlstad, a city in Sweden, the center of the province of Varmland at the end of the seminar in Morokulien. The Governor of Varmland greeted guests at his residence in Karlstad.

A study visit to the Karlstad Innovation Park at the University of Karlstad was organized on the last day of the program. Young entrepreneurs introduced the project supporting Start-Ups among young people in Varmland, and they also shared their business development experience among young entrepreneurs and students in their region.