Seminar “How can lives be improved for young people in border regions” in Copenhagen in June, 20-21

  • Posted on: 22 August 2019
  • By: Ksenia

The work on implementation of micro – projects continues within the framework of the main international project “ComUnYouth” proposed by representatives of the Thematic Working Groups. One of such micro-projects was the seminar “How can lives be improved for young people in border regions” which took place in the capital of Denmark, in Copenhagen in June, 20-21.

The seminar involved 20 young people from 8 countries (Russia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and viewed issues related to the life and employment of young people who live in the border areas of the participating countries. Due to its peripheral position, these territories often provide fewer opportunities for young people’s employment and development of skills and adaptation to the social environment. On the other hand, the border regions also give some additional opportunities (which are not available in the regional administrative centers) allowing to realize joint cross- border projects, involving “neighbor” organizations which engaged in similar activities on both side of the border.

During the seminar (the first working day of which was held at the Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers NCM- the organization that finances this project) the participants had a chance to get acquainted with the activities of the NCM and issues on international cooperation and, also, with work on employment of the young people. The participants were separated into project teams and for the allotted time they were able to develop new project ideas related to the overall improvement of the young people’s life and the prevention of possible social risks. The participants of the seminar held an active discussion on the topics: how to improve entrepreneurship and expand business opportunities and how to give to the youth mobility in border regions to find new jobs.

Based on the developed ideas, new projects and start-ups will be developed which will serve to solve problem of the youth’s unemployment in the border regions of the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the North- West regions of Russia.