‘National Dimension during the Great Patriotic War’ Conference

  • Posted on: 8 February 2022
  • By: Ksenia

On July 6-7 the Karelian Resource Center of Public Organizations (KRC) hosted a two-day conference in Belomorsk. ‘The National Dimension during the Great Patriotic War’ Conference was organized as part of the ‘National Battalion of the Karelian Front’ project and was held at District Central Library. The seminar was opened by Nikolai Oskin, KRC Director General, and Natalya Shchurikhina, Director of the Belomorsk District Central Library. Welcoming remarks were made by the Head of the Belomorsky District Olga Sinyakova and the Director of the Municipal Budgetary Institution ‘Intersettlement Socio-Cultural Association’ Mikhail Tretyakov.

Directors and representatives of centers for inter-ethnic cooperation from several districts and national and cultural autonomies spoke about their activities and shared their experiences. The delegation visited the Museum of the Karelian Front, laid flowers at the memorial to those who died during the Great Patriotic War. The head of the Karelian Rosreestr Kondratyeva Anna presented the book ‘The names of heroes on the map of Russia’ to the library.

The chairman of the public organization of Afghan warriors of the Belomorsky District Temirgali Gainulin gave a guided tour of the hall of military glory of the soldiers-internationalists (it is being set up in the library building) to the guests. He also spoke about the military-patriotic activities undertaken by the organization. The Rural Dean of the Belomorsky District Vadim Bikmukhametov focused on the history of the Solovetsky saints temple construction as well as on the revival of Orthodoxy in Pomorie.

The conference was a success judging by the comments of the participants.