Seminar ‘Woman is a Leader. The Female Face of Civil Society and Business’

  • Posted on: 8 February 2022
  • By: Ksenia

An international webinar ‘Woman is a Leader. The Female Face of Civil Society and Business’ under the project ‘PROZVET – Promoting Sustainable Development in Transbaikalia and Karelia through Expanding the Role and Participation of Local Public Organizations and Women in Multilateral Territorial Alliances’ was held on June 18.

The main objective of the webinar was the sharing of experiences and best practices on women's entrepreneurship development as well as on developing female leadership in business and civil society organizations in the context of local territorial development.

Pavel Toropov, project expert and representative of the public organization ‘Star of Hope’, devoted his speech to the psychological difficulties that women face running a business and ways to handle them. Moreover Toropov shared his knowledge on motivation, its methods and possible fears of entrepreneurs and gave advice on how to transform fears into commitment and motivation. Toropov also shared his knowledge on leadership psychology, entrepreneurship and gender psychology.

Maria Ludovica Bottarelli, LEF-Italia project expert, reviewed the Italian experience of women's entrepreneurship and the main EU provisions to stimulate it. Maria Bottarelli also examined the basic qualities a woman needs to be a successful NGO leader.

Francesca de Paula (FELCOS Umbria), project coordinator, analyzed the characteristics and differences between women's and men's business. In particular, issues such as the goals of women entrepreneurs and men entrepreneurs, expectations, behavior and motivation in learning were considered. In addition, Francesca de Paula spoke about the possibilities of the PROZVET Project to strengthen the opportunities for women in business.

To get a link to the recorded webinar, you can contact the project manager: Ksenia Chumak, via phone: +7 (953) 528-21-61 or e-mail: