The results of the grant competition for NGOs on the PROZVET project

  • Posted on: 10 February 2022
  • By: Ksenia

Until November 1, we accepted applications for a grant competition for NGOs in 5 target districts of the PROZVET project. The main goal was to identify and provide financial support to the best projects of non-profit organizations aimed at developing women's entrepreneurship and unlocking the potential of tourism in the project areas.

We have received 19 applications from all 5 districts - Medvezhegorsky, Suoyarvsky, Pitkyarantsky, Pryazhinsky and Sortavalsky.
Project experts from Italy and Karelia, independent experts, as well as representatives of municipal Administrations participated in the evaluation of project applications.

All projects have been qualitatively prepared, they meet the requirements and demonstrate knowledge of the needs of their districts. It was not easy for the experts to make a decision, but today we are ready to announce the winners!
Final list of supported projects (by rating):
1.The tourist route "White Bridges", the applicant is  the Territorial Development Fund "Karyala" (Pitkyarantsky district);
2. A smaller business - a greater future, the applicant is  an autonomous non-profit organization "Zaonezhskaya Izba" Manual Labor Assistance Society  (Medvezhyegorsky district);
3. Karatsalmi Ore Park, applicant -  "Karelia Health" Charity Foundation  (Suoyarvsky district);
4."PROFiT": "Professional tourism as a means of territory development", the applicant is  the Foundation for the Promotion of Civil Initiatives of the Pryazhinsky district "Melnitsa" (Pryazhinsky district);
5. Ecological trail "Three Skalki", applicant -  Karelian regional public organization for the development and promotion of the tourist route "Blue Road"  (Suoyarvsky district);
6. Ethnolaboratory "Keepers of Tradition", applicant -  Autonomous non-profit organization "Kondi"  (Medvezhegorsky district);
7. Sortavala stories: video journey in English, the applicant is  the Karelian Foundation for the Development of Public Diplomacy  (Sortavalsky district);
8. Vedlozero is waiting for guests, the applicant is the Karelian regional public organization "House of the Karelian Language" (Pryazhinsky district);
9. Festival-competition of national cultures "We are different, but we are together", applicant -  Karelian Republican public organization "Society of Ukrainian Culture "Kalina"  (Pitkyarantsky district);
10. Explore Karelia, the applicant is  an autonomous non-profit organization for the implementation of regionally oriented social projects "Northern Initiatives"  (all five project implementation districts).

Congratulations to the winners! In the near future, the organizers will contact you regarding further work.

We wish the projects that have not received support within our competition victories in other programs.

The competition is held within the framework of the project "PROZVET - Promoting sustainable development in Transbaikalia and Karelia by expanding the role and participation of local public organizations and women in multilateral territorial Alliances".